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Montserrat is one of the very few Caribbean islands that are still a part of Europe. Being able to travel to the Caribbean through Erasmus+ is a rare opportunity and one that should not be missed!

Unlike mainland Europe, Montserrat is a beautiful tropical paradise and, for many, a once in a lifetime experience. People travelling to Montserrat will be exposed to a vibrant and unique culture unlike anything in Europe.

As well as an exciting culture and a beautiful natural setting, Montserrat, offers opportunities for those with professional and academic skills to intern or volunteer in more senior roles within the public and private sector.

The Government of Montserrat and many private business owners are happy to place skilled professionals on a short-term or voluntary basis in roles that, in Europe, may be more difficult to achieve. Erasmus Caribbean has strong connections in Montserrat making intern placement easy. This enables participants to gain vital experience in their chosen field, useful for when they return to Europe.

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The citizens of the EU Overseas Countries and Territories are also citizens of Europe. Every young person in the OCT’s that qualifies is entitled to take part in Eramsus+. Our role is to make sure that every young person gets this chance.